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Once we complete a project and listen to customer and employee responses for 3-6 months, we may notice trends that present opportunities for improvement or growth. This can range from incremental adjustments to larger revisions to new features or even a new product. We may notice bottom-line changes or efficiencies we didn't anticipate. Or we may notice errors or bugs we need to fix. Or both or more.

Although the Repeat step is a time of reflection and business, as usual, it is a time to listen and observe. It's a pause to understand reactions. And it is these reactions that will inspire adjustment and growth.

The bottom line: we will discover trends that may require a response for continued success or trends that we want to study further and to determine what is causing them, identify the true problem, and solve the problem. This leads us to start over again.

Provide regular reporting and identify "quick wins"


  • Gather metrics for a regular report
  • Review issues happening and identify "quick win" opportunities for improvement
  • Gather insights to identify additional symptoms, problems, and challenges to improve the system


  • Success reports
  • Outline requests for new work
  • Provide information about symptoms and suspected problems to encourage additional work to improve the system
  • Additional deliverables may be included, depending on project scope

How do we do this?  Our process is: Listen. Assess. Identify. Act. Repeat.

1. Listen.

We have expanded the definition of listening to include actions and observation. As we know, actions speak louder than words. Especially in the digital world, actions are the starting point to discover customer motivations and the best way to connect with customers.

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2. Assess.

We help you define the problem. After listening to customers, employees, the data, and the situation, we assess the situation. We identify symptoms and determine the root issue. Once we discover that, we identify solutions to solve the problem. Keep in mind that it is easy to identify a symptom; it is hard to discover the root cause of what's happening around you. This is far from trivial work.

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3. Identify.

Determine possible solutions to your problem. We'll identify multiple solutions to solve your problem and outline the benefits and challenges of each. We'll discuss all the options and brainstorm new ones so you and your team can decide what is best for your organization. You make the right choice for you.

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4. Act.

We work with your team to create an action and implementation plan for your solution (including defined success metrics and identifying ideal outcomes). We'll manage it as well to be sure we meet expectations.

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5. Repeat.

Once we take action, we start listening and observing results and start the process again. We will monitor what is happening to discover new problems and determine if new symptoms appear. We will then continue work to improve results. Our goal is to ensure incremental progress and improvements.

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