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Sometimes, you may want to reflect on what's happening in your organization through books, workbooks, and videos. We have a number of opportunities available for you.

Books & Workbooks

Book Cover. Sign Post. Revenue or Relationships? Win Both.

Revenue or Relationships? Win Both.

After reading this book, you can learn how to shift your mindset to develop not just better customer experiences, but better customer relationships, in your business.

Workbook: Revenue or Relationships Part 1: Vision/Mission

PART 1 Vision: What Is the Value You Provide?

As we all know, a company’s vision defines who the company is, what it does, and where it wants to be in the future.

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Workbook Part 2 Brand: How You Communicate the Experience

PART 2 Brand: How You Communicate the Experience

My favorite way to describe branding: It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. This workbook will guide you to consider what your brand is and to determine if it is consistent with your understanding of your company.

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Video Master Classes

Let us help you create better digital customer experiences, build customer relationships, and generate revenue. 

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