People often ask what "Gearmark" means as a word - so to sum it up:  

Gear = Process | Mark = Brand  

Gear + Mark = Process + Brand = Experience  

Customer Experience is created by defining company processes with brand values in mind.  

A company's brand should be experienced beyond colors, logo marks, and words. It's about its values. A logo is a visual expression of its values. A company's colors reflect the feeling of a company's values. The words it uses show how it wants to be perceived by customers and prospects. The way a customer interacts with a company - the app workflow, the call flow, the customer support processes, the sales process - should incorporate the brand values.  

By allowing your brand values to influence the definition of your processes, you are creating a unique customer experience for your organization. How a company interacts with customers and prospects reflects its personality in the same way as to how an individual interacts with the people around him reflects his personality. (You can read more about this in our paper on Methodology).  

Gearmark was previously focused on user experience - web and mobile, apps, and Web sites for lead gen. However, with the convergence of communication technologies and the growth of conversations driving experiences, there needs to be greater consideration given to the entire customer experience. How a customer, prospect or even employee interacts with a company's sales team, customer service team, or accounts payable should reflect its brand. And although there can be nuances about the flow and process based on values, there should be consistency across all channels.  

And contacting your company should be EASY.  

And that's where Gearmark can help. Unlike most consulting companies that come in and do all of the work for you, we work with your team and provide them with a different perspective. Your team is already a group of experts who best know your customers and your company's operations. We add to their expertise as a temporary team member, providing recommendations, guidance, and suggestions to change your processes and approaches to make it easier for your customers and prospects to engage with your company. We collaborate and build consensus within your organization to incorporate new approaches. We enable them to create emotionally engaging customer experiences that build relationships.

In the end, we become part of your company community to help you build your company community. It's the only way that we will best understand who your company is and how it works in order to provide recommendations that best communicate the brand.

Vision: Customers become active participants in every company’s community. Mission: Empower companies to build great customer relationships.  

Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie, Founder & Strategist

I am an experience strategist and founder of Gearmark, helping companies create memorable customer experiences, online and offline, for over 20 years. From apps to content strategy to lead gen programs, I have helped companies achieve results that contribute to the bottom line. But achieving great results takes a great team that works well together. My work extends into team dynamics and internal processes. I believe that the internal employee experience of a company is just as important as the customer experience it creates. I attended MIT, graduated from Simmons College with a BA and MA, and recently graduated from IE University in Madrid with an Executive Masters in Corporate Communication.  

Read my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me.

Let us help you create better digital customer experiences, build customer relationships, and generate revenue. 

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