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We have expanded the definition of listening to go beyond words and speech or writing to include actions and observation. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. And this is especially true in the digital world, where activities within a site or app are tracked to discover what people are doing. We use that information to determine customer motivations and the best way to connect with them.

This is why conversations need to be redefined so that a conversation is really an interaction between two people or entities that build a relationship. It could be through an online app, social media engagement, a focus group, survey, purchase activity, or a support center call. This also means that listening should include observing.

Often, our customer’s communication comes through metrics and results. That’s why we should approach them with curiosity – it’s a way for us to listen.

Sometimes in business, we get so focused on the bottom line, or we want to prove that we were right that we often miss what our customers are really telling us in the data.

We overlook trends that may not fit our narratives or contradict our understanding of our customers. We may dismiss outlier data as a fluke because it doesn’t support the main story that we or our managers want to see. But in doing this, we miss key insights that lead us to customer experience nirvana, emotional engagement that happens through employees feeling empathy and compassion for customers.

Determine what’s happening in your business today 


  • Learn about your company’s business goals and vision  
  • Discover what's happening in the organization with current staff 
  • Understand customer perspectives on the product
  • Understand your company's brand values and personality
  • Gather all current KPIs and metrics/results
  • Review metrics/analytics for websites, digital products, and marketing programs 

Output or Deliverables: 

  • Document the program’s/product's situation
  • Outline insights, problems, and suggestions for improvement
  • Audits and content analysis studies (site content, PDFs, other materials)
  • Provide recommendations for quick wins that will delight customers

Understand your competitors and how your company compares or contrasts with them


  • Identify competitors and criteria to compare
  • Identify and analyze industry trends through interviews and secondary research
  • Based on the research, determine the company's position among its competitors

Output or Deliverables:

  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Trend Summaries
  • Recommendations to meet industry baselines, follow best practices, or achieve parity with competitors
  • Additional deliverables may be included, depending on project scope

Understand your company's customers 


  • Complete original customer research: usability studies, interviews, focus groups, follow-me sessions, content analysis, etc. 
  • Review metrics and analytics to understand how they use a product, site, or view a page 
  • Review secondary research about customers and their situations and challenges 

Output or Deliverables: 

  • Personas (demographic, narrative) 
  • Define journeys/flows to understand how customers make decisions today
  • Additional deliverables may be included, depending on project scope

What's our approach? Find out in the eBook.


How do we do this?  Our process is: Listen. Assess. Identify. Act. Repeat.

1. Listen.

We have expanded the definition of listening to include actions and observation. As we know, actions speak louder than words. Especially in the digital world, actions are the starting point to discover customer motivations and the best way to connect with customers.

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2. Assess.

We help you define the problem. After listening to customers, employees, the data, and the situation, we assess the situation. We identify symptoms and determine the root issue. Once we discover that, we identify solutions to solve the problem. Keep in mind that it is easy to identify a symptom; it is hard to discover the root cause of what's happening around you. This is far from trival work.

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3. Identify.

Determine possible solutions to your problem. We'll identify multiple solutions to solve your problem and outlne the benefits and challenges of each. We'll discuss all the options and brainstorm new ones so you and your team can decide what is best for your organization. You make the right choice for you.

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4. Act.

We work with you team to create an action and implementation plan for your solution (including defined success metrics and identifying ideal outcomes). We'll manage it as well to be sure we meet expectations.

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5. Repeat.

Once we take action, we start listening and observing results and start the process again. We will monitor what is happening to discover new problems and determine if new symptomss appear. We will then continue work to improve results. Our goal is to ensure incremental progress and improvements.

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