Book: Revenue or Relationships? Win both.

Book Cover. Sign Post. Revenue or Relationships? Win Both.

To create engaging customer experiences, you need to shift your perspective of business. The basics of business haven’t changed. You still need a vision, a mission, a brand, an operations and action plan, and a way to measure success. But how you view your customers and inspire them to make decisions has changed with automation. Today, companies and their employees can directly interact with customers, creating a type of community. Add to that the emergence of more people-driven work methodologies, and you can see how successful business relationships are emerging to be as important as transactions in how they impact the bottom line. 

Business is about people, conversations, solving problems, and customer experiences. Closing a sale requires a successful customer relationship built over many interactions, digital or live. It’s hard to make a useful product without customer input and feedback. To keep a customer returning, you need to earn their trust and respect them during each experience of your brand. Such events can provide your employees with the information they need to respect your customers and continue to build a relationship with them. Imagine what we could learn about our customers, our companies, and our customer experiences if we could measure that relationship value and contribution to the business? With automation, this may be possible. 

Discover the connection between relationships and revenue through customer experiences so your company can succeed in our automated world.  


Get both the paperback and Kindle versions.

Let us help you create better digital customer experiences, build customer relationships, and generate revenue. 

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