Many methods can be used to create memorable experiences. But you don't always need to hire a consultant to do this. It is something you can learn to do as well.



Gearmark offers three types of training:


Individual Coaching - ideal for new entrepreneurs or solopreneurs


Coaching packages are available to help you build a better relationship with prospective customers. Discover where you are blocked and how you can grow. We can help you solve a specific problem or meet regularly for ongoing advice.


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Online Classes - coming 2019


The first 4-week online class will be: What are your customers telling you that you aren’t hearing?


This will show you how to interpret your analytics and understand what your customers are telling you. Today we get a bunch of data about our customers through digital and other means, but how do you use it to understand your customers through their actions? That's what this course will present.



Gearmark Community or Experience Club - for all professionals who want to learn on their own time


This is a paid community where professionals can share ideas and get feedback. Think of it as a cross between LinkedIn, Teachable, and Facebook. Over time, we'll be including short, weekly videos and provide access to longer training courses. Those will be specific only to the community.


What is the Gearmark Community?

It is a place where you can learn how to create great customer relationships through exceptional customer experiences. The best learning happens from others.


Knowledge comes from everyone sharing their experiences, information, and insights. Why learn alone when we can learn together?


Who would benefit from the community?

  • Anyone who feels that their business isn't meeting its potential, but they aren't sure why.
  • Anyone working alone or who feels like they are working in a bubble when creating a customer experience.
  • Anyone working in a company that doesn't support this style of thinking, but feels this is the right approach.


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