How do you build emotional connection in your experiences?

We can help with that.

We work with our clients to create memorable experiences that build customer relationships. By using the Customer Relationship Lifecycle construct, we provide a unique perspective to get the engagement you want and need.


We can enhance existing programs and products. We find most companies have fantastic products and programs to solve their customer's problems. The problem is that they aren't looking for the right results or they aren't targeting the right audience in the right way. Some are focused too much on the transactions.


Create new programs and products. Sometimes companies need something to augment their current products and services. Or they want to have a different type of engagement of reach different results. We'll work with you to develop the strategy and execute the program or product.



Which teams do we work with in your organization? All.


We work with all departments that have a customer touchpoint. And there are ways we can collaborate with teams inside and outside of your organization to develop programs and products that will build emotional connection and memorable experiences.



Common problems we can help with:


Are your employees complaining about your customers? Do they find them annoying?

We can work with you on implementing a game - empathy exercises. That game can help build empathy, which builds emotional connection and builds a memorable customer experience.


Are customers not engaging as you'd like?

That happens sometimes. It may be that you are targeting the wrong persona or your target persona has shifted. Or it may be that you think you know your target customer, but you don't. Either way, we can help you with our Customer Relationship Lifecycle to start.


Is your virtual team not collaborating well? Not achieving results? Is your customer service team challenged?

Anyone who works virtually knows how challenging it can be to build a relationship through a phone or online. We have a version of empathy exercises just for you - it's a virtual team edition. Build empathy between team members or with callers.




Individual Coaching - ideal for new entrepreneurs or solopreneurs


Coaching packages are available to help you build a better relationship with prospective customers. Discover where you are blocked and how you can grow. We can help you solve a specific problem or meet regularly for ongoing advice.


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